DOWNSIZING, or "Rightsizing"

It’s wise to plan a move to a smaller residence, independent living or assisted care before you or your loved one needs to make this critical decision. Maybe you think you are not ready to move because you are too young, your health is good, or you like your current home. Or, perhaps you are letting your stuff stop you from moving. It’s best to plan to move early and think about your next home.

That’s where we come in! 

A transition of any kind can be stressful - especially when moving from a home of many years, with many memories and many beloved belongings. This doesn’t have to be a difficult time. We provide a can-do, nurturing attitude - with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Even if you are only thinking about a move, it’s the perfect time to enlist our services to get a head start on the downsizing process! Decluttering, sorting through belongings, organizing paperwork, seeing what will fit in your new space - plus, we have great sources for donations or sales. 

1) Taking Inventory - Seeing what you have and sorting to get ready to make decisions on what to keep, sell, donate or give-away. We’ll work in manageable time sections to ensure progress.  

2) Deciding What To Keep - A hard, but vital step to downsizing. We can help you evaluate what you have and what will fit in your new space so you take just the right amount of stuff to enjoy. Or, this is an ideal time to pair down for a future move. You make the ultimate decision when it comes to your belongings!   

3) Looking Forward - Above all, staying focused on a new opportunity or just refreshing for your place in life can go a long way! Making decisions on downsizing can be a positive and rewarding time!     

We look forward to hearing from you - and visiting about your project. See how working with a professional organizer can reduce stress about downsizing and moving. 



Being organized during any move is not just smart, it's essential. There's enough going on during a relocation - organization sure decreases the stress. Plus, an organized home is more appealing to a potential buyer! We can work quickly to get your home ready, plan for your new space, pack, coordinate a mover and help get you settled in your new space. It can be an enjoyable and productive experience.